Queen of Jusou Osaka sm clubs Jaws
TEL 06-6886-6855

business hours 12:00~24:00 It is a receptionist until 21:00 on Sunday
Queen of Jusou Osaka sm clubs Jaws
business hours 12:00~24:00 It is a receptionist until 21:00 on Sunday
TEL 06-6886-6855


Deprived Of Your Freedom…Verbal humiliation…Anal torture…
Hot and strong pleasant sensation of smothering caused by facesitting.
Into the clandestine, forbidden world,
Sweet time you couldn't get in daily life,
It takes you to the top of sensual pleasures

The beginners who have a crush on the Mistress but never attended to
Who wants to be dominated…
Who likes a painful or the scary thing but demands pleasure,
Who is hesitating about a real play…
Also for the customer who wants true Mistress,
Mistresses who are full of individuality belong to our club.
It is possible for us to meet various tastes and requests widely.

You are invited to an unknown pleasure.

Standard Course
60min(NewFace Mistress) 15,000yen Admission feeFree
60min 17,000yen Hotel feeExcluded
90min 25,000yen Nomination fee1,000yen
120min 33,000yen Extension fee/30min10,000yen
150min 41,000yen
180min 49,000yen
Scatology Cource
30min 20,000yen
 30min/nomination fee included.
60min 27,000yen
90min 35,000yen
120min 43,000yen
150min 51,000yen
180min 59,000yen
Couple Cource
60min 23,000yen
90min 38,000yen
120min 50,000yen
150min 62,000yen
180min 74,000yen
Short Cource
15min 5,000yen
Golden Shower,Humiliation,Threesome...etc ※Hotel fee excluded


*Other than the area of SHINKITANO, you must pay the travel expense
(ex. Roundtrip taxi fee It costs JPY¥3,000 from UMEDA, OSAKA station area)
*Since there are times when mistress change the attendance schedule or get full booked,
please call us before check in the hotel whichever you have appointment or not.

(Prohibited matters)
*We don't accept the person shall fall under any of the following
*Person under 18 years old(including high school student)
*When there is wiretapping or photographically stolen, immediately calls the police to demand damages
*Person concerned with gang or crime group
*A drug user
*A drunken person
*A vicious cancellation act
*A person who forces sexual intercourse
*Making a private relationship
*Person who is judged as unsuitable customer

When it is judged that neither the case where there is a point applicable to the above mentioned Prohibited matter nor suitable as our
customer, we'll stop the service and the Mistress will leave immediately. The charge won't be refund in that case. We'll decline our
services use entirely.

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