Deprived of your freedom… verbally humiliated… tortured anally… wrapped in the pleasure of being smothered under your Mistress. Welcome to a cladestine, forbidden world, free from the confines of your daily life – a world of sensual pleasures.

Welcome to our world. A world for those who have longed to be dominated by the Mistress of their dreams. A world for those who yearn for pain and pleasure but are hesitant to take the plunge. A world where you will find your true Mistress.

Your weary search has brought you to the doorsteps of our club, a gathering place for Mistresses with individuality, grace, and beauty. Welcome to Nirvana. The Mistress of your dreams awaits.




※No administration fees

※Hotel fees separate

※Nomination fee 1,000yen

※Extension fee 10,000yen/30min

Standard Course

New Mistress 60min ¥15,000(Nomination fee included)
60min ¥17,000
90min ¥25,000
120min ¥33,000
150min ¥41,000
180min ¥49,000

Scatology Course

30min ¥20,000(Nomination fee included)
60min ¥27,000
90min ¥35,000
120min ¥43,000
150min ¥51,000
180min ¥59,000

Couple Course

60min ¥23,000
90min ¥38,000
120min ¥50,000
150min ¥62,000
180min ¥74,000

Short Course

15min ¥5,000(Nomination fee included)

※ Golden showers, Humiliation, Threesomes… etc.



*The client will bear travel expenses for sessions outside of the SHINKITANO Area.
(e.g. the travel expense to and from Umeda (Osaka station area) is approximately 3,000yen)
*Please book your session with us prior to booking your hotel. Our Mistresses’ availability are subject to change.

【Prohibited conduct】
*We reserve the right to refuse sessions to individuals who:
*are under the age of 18 (e.g. high school students)
*intend to wiretap or secretly videotape sessions. The police will be contacted immediately
*are involved in gangs or organized crime syndicates
*are drug abusers
*are drunk
*cancel their sessions out of malicious intent
*demand or force sexual intercourse
*are seeking to form private relationships
*scout our Mistresses for different establishments
*are deemed unsuitable customers

If you are deemed to fall under any of the above categories or are deemed to be an unsuitable customer, your session will end immediately and the Mistress will leave. Your session fee will not be refunded and you will be blacklisted.